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bbwbymaeveee; I love the pina colada lip scrub,its amazing i can't stop putting it on my lips!



Just a little note to let you know how much I adore your product!

A few weeks ago, I purchased a jar of sugar scrub while at Wizard World in Philly. I used it once and thought, "Wow! This is really nice!" Little did I know how much I would be relying on your product in the weeks to come.

The following week, I went out and cleaned out my front garden. The very next day, I noticed a rash coming up on my arms and feet. Long story short: Poison ivy! Awful! Terrible! Disgusting!!!!! I had to be on Prednesone for 8 days, and in that time, I was covered in calmine lotion. I'm not sure if you ever had to use calamine lotion for any extended period of time, but it really dries your skin out.

After about 4 days, the rash finally started to clear, but I was left with flaky skin that I knew would only get worse before it got better. That's when I remembered the sugar scrub. Because I still wasn't sure if the rash could still spread, I used a tiny amount on the tops of my feet. After getting out of the shower, I could immediately see a difference!!! That night, I scrubbed the heck out of my arms, feet, and ankles, and every day since then, the rash has been getting lighter and lighter in color. It went from beet red last week, to a very dull pink within a matter of days! I am not sure what is in it that would help it to heal so quickly, but thank God I made that purchase that day! I am a fan for life!!!! My only regret is that I didn't think to take before and after pictures, but trust me, I wouldn't be writing to you if this didn't happen!

Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!



I walked up to the SoulScents booth at Wizard World Philadelphia with a healthy dose of scepticism that I would find anything. The lotions were great, but I thought that would be too volatile for a plane trip, . However, I ended up grabbing two teas while I was there (Irish Breakfast and Orange Lemonade) - best idea EVER. I love the slight sweetness of each, and the Irish Breakfast has become my favorite morning cuppa!
-- Maryann V.

I had a party 3 weeks ago it was outdoors. We had a 2 piece band. The man that was playing came to me and asked for bug spray I told him I had the natural spray or I had the one containing deet. He chose the natural spray from souls cents when the party was over he came to me and told me the natural bug spray was wonderful. He had no problems after they used it. He sold me on it. Thanks Gina I am taking it to Florida with us. 

--Pat S 

  • From the Facial Moisturizer to the Body Scrub, the Peppermint bar soap, Juniper Sage body butter, Thieves essential oil for the immune system, Deodorant, Thieves Household Natural Disinfectant and finally the Sage Purifying Mist, Soul Scents essential oil products are truly a gift to your body and mind. This is my first experience trying essential oil and natural based products and I am already a "believer" in just 4 days of using them. The texture of the moisturizers glide on and keep my skin hydrated all day. The aloe and coconut oil in the facial moisturizer absorb into the skin quickly leaving a healthy dew finish and I've already noticed my skin tone looks more even. The Body Sugar Scrub and Peppermint soap awakens your senses in the shower and finishing up with the Juniper Sage body butter has the feel of a mini spa treatment. Soul Scents products are available in an array of essential oil scents and blends and will leave you feeling healthier mentally, physically and emotionally from the start. Thank you Soul Scents! 

  • -- Diane P.

LOVE the charcoal soap! what a miracle for my hands

- Jeanene S

The whipped shaving cream and shaving soap is unbelievable

- Joe A

The Pomegranate sugar scrub is absolutely amazing! I cannot rave about it enough! First off this scrub smells absolutely delicious! The first thing that hits you when you open the container is the sweet smell, I almost wanted to eat it :) ! It leaves behind the perfect amount of moisture I didn't even have to apply lotion after the shower. My skin even retained the smell of the scrub all day. Yummy!! I am super excited to try the other sugar scrub scents but I will definitely keep coming back to this one. I love it!

Michelle S

I have read for years that peppermint oil is good for headaches, but mostly ignored it because I thought it was just another one of those anecdotal, mostly ineffective natural healing things. However, I am currently having a migraine with my typically wonderful pain that feels like someone stuck a knife in my left eye, along with that nausea that makes me want to vomit. Last night I put one drop of peppermint oil on my finger tip and rubbed it into my left temple. Very quickly, I got that burning/freezing feeling that you get when you put one of those hot/cold patches on your skin that use capsicum or arnica, and my head pain went away within a minute or two. Not only that, a few minutes later the nausea went away! After 2 or 3 hours, the pain and nausea started to come back. I put another drop on each side of my head, and a couple of drops on the back of my neck, and again, within minutes, my pain went away. Today I have re-applied the oil 3 times, starting at 5 am, and each time it's worked just as quickly and effectively. Obviously the oil hasn't gotten rid of the migraine entirely, but I have never taken anything that has relieved my symptoms the way this has. It's really remarkable. Thank you so much for sending it. Even it it's one of those things that works for a while and then stops working, the relief I've gotten in the last 12 hours is miraculous.

- Tina R

I loved the bug spray. Not only is the container amazingly beautiful but the scent is so good. Using the spray does not feel greasy at all and it really works to deter the bugs. I'm so glad I ordered some! Thank you!   

-Maryann P.

" These are the best products I have ever used. The body scrubs are more than fantastic. Every day that I use it, I feel as if I am coming out of a spa. These products make ordinary showers extraordinary and help get me off to a wonderful start of the day. On the weekends, when there is more time I find myself using a multitude of the products which are luxurious and incredibly well priced. When I have guests over, there has not been one that did not comment on the soap or scrub or lip balms. These products are filled with essential oils and the lavender products even have the seeds! If you are I a hurry, all you need is the body scrub to feel incredible and have soft skin that smells great. There is little need for anything else. The all natural insect repellant is a breath of fresh air from the processed ones with chemicals. These not only make the perfect gift for men and women (there is even an all natural shaving cream) but they make every day feel special. You cannot beat the price either. The small sizes are perfect for goody or party bags or to leave on the bed or dresser for quests who stay over. They are perfect as wedding shower gifts or wedding party gifts or for someone who just had a baby. This brand should go global! Thank you for making such naturally beautiful products. "

- Randi K

Absolutely love the decorative packaging of these products. Makes such beautiful gifts.

- Ginger S

After you sent me a gift box of your scrubs, soap and cologne I was hooked. I LOVE how they smell and they are beautiful. I just placed an order and bought some as gifts for my friends. It smells amazing and packaging is so beautiful!!! your customer "

- Rosanna Harms

" Got my order today!! That was quick and packed so nice thx xo "

- Rosana Costa

" Hi love the bug spray - thank you!! Do you have a Lavendar type oil /calming ?  Don't we all need that!!? "

- Marcy B

" Hi Gina happy 4th to you and family too! I did see them and you're amazing. My friend loved the soaps. She lived the way you made them look so pretty.  I'm using mine and just love the way it makes my skin feels afterwards. I put it in a small oval dish so I don't waist a drop of all those natural ingredients you put in! I will check out the candles later. Last night I had my bug spray while outdoors and not itching anywhere this morning. You have great products and I will definitely get more! πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸ’žπŸ’ženjoy your Sunday!!! "

- Silvina Tirri

so in love with the Zeolite clay acne mask

-Brittany Harms

Bug Spray Human and Dog Friendly !

Body Butter Sensation

Moisturizing Soap Bars

I loved the bug spray. Not only is the container beautiful but the scent is so good. Using the spray does not feel greasy at all and it really works to deter the bugs. I'm so glad i ordered some! Thank you!

- Maryann Winter

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